Hi, I'm Ann.

I'm a life-long word-person, an award-winning brand writer and Granta writing student.

But, I know what it's like to not have confidence in your own voice. The heart-squeezing fear of knowing you need to be compelling but there's so much to say! In what order? What do the audience need to learn? Where do I start?

Ann Storr

Generative AI can create a structure. But that aggregated output doesn't sound like you. And your talk or blog should  sound like you. The best of you. The best you that you need to show to take your next steps.

This is how I help people!

Picture By Jim Wileman – Riverford Farm Press Visit.

In addition to 20 years in psych and science comms, I offer you my MA in English and 11 years in research psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

(And a few years in farming! Of course, why not...)

And, I offer you my niceness, my slight silliness and my joyful glee — I know it's a privilege to make my living through writing. 

Many of my clients are working in English as a second language.

Or they're learning how to de-jargon their writing or drop the academic shackles.

Helping people feel comfort and ease in their words allows my clients to shine, in their own words, in their own way.


I've also created talks for appearances on the BBC,  and been featured in The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Psychologies magazine. My front cover of Girlguiding magazine with my mate Rache is a whole other story (don't get me started on the Friends of Nunhead Cemetary).

If you value the power of words and real human voices, if you want a is scientifically trained writer who values the nuance of words to give you confident, clear and compelling copy, I'd love to chat.

Where I write


In December 2023, I won 26 Words Best Emerging Writer 2023. My work was described as "exceptional", "incredible in its range" and "courageous". I hope you agree.


A little more about me


This is Rob. He is 11 and a half and quite geriatric. We talk a lot. He demands walks at 11.30am and 3pm so please don't suggest a call then.


After my first big brand client, I bought myself these bookshelves. 'Beauty and the Beast' vibes for days. I also knit the hat, and my children hate it.

Picture By Jim Wileman – Riverford Farm Press Visit.

I've taught sustainable food & cooking across the kitchens of London, the Beeb, Soho House and the Open University. 


And I love hosting book sessions, speaking about confidence, late blooming and the power of words. Being paid to talk about books is living the dream.

We love to hear about new work.

Drop us an email info@fables.agency