Forgive me, this might seem a little indulgent.

But I care about my work. A lot. I care about my clients, I care about help you to get the results you need.

Shaping confidence

Writing is a statement of intent. And it's hard. I know: I didn't start pursuing my career until I was 35 years old. When you work with me, I'll hold the space for you to grow into your voice. 

Whether I'm helping a brand rediscover its roots or take a bold step towards its future, it's about clear, confident, compelling communication.

Or, when I'm writing a one-off piece, or I'm helping a new thought-leader find her place on the global stage — your win is my win. I'm cheering you on as you succeed.

Let's be clear: for this to work you need to let me lead. You're the subject matter expert and I'm the storyteller. I need your time, your committment and your feedback.

Let's build something beautiful.

Embodying real voices

Yeah, how much aggregated, auto-generated, piss-poor copy do you want to churn out? 

If you want your work to sound like people, then you've got to listen to people. To be interested in how people really talk. Not some brand automaton. And no-one says "unleashing potential" outside of marketing, FFS.

That's why I'm a writing student. That's why I'm always trying to improve my writing: so we can both get better.

Every person has a unqiue voice. For me to do my best work, I need time to get to know you. What makes you tick. How does information flow to you? 

Who are you? What are the turns of phrase that light you up? 

What does your audience need to hear? What drives them to action?

I'll bring these together and create something wonderful and new. Just for you.


Reflecting integrity

As someone who feared genetic research with tin-foil helmet reasoning, my post-grad career started at the Social, Genetic, and Developmental Research Centre.

By working with hundreds of academics, researchers, admins, clinicians, lab assistants and PhD students, over thriving longitudinal research project from New Zealand to the UK to California, I learned a deep care and respect for accuracy in language, numbers, and technicalities.

So no, nothing is in the DNA of your brand. It's impossible, inaccurate, and it's just piss-poor lazy creative.

If I'm making a claim, there will be evidence.

If I'm interviewing your clients, I will research deeply and listen intently.

And I don't sugar-coat my findings. Nothing gets changed without an acceptance of reality.

(And, if you want to convince of the utility Meyers-Briggs (aka HR astrology-nonsense), or Green Powder, or any Freudian archetypes, please, please, just move along.)


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