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Hi! I'm Ann Storr, and my stories have been featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Earth. I've spoken about change-making for Open University, AllBright and Soho House. I'm an empty-nester at 42, I writes Substacks about coercive control and how TV helped me rediscover my lost confidence. Rob Dog the elderly greyhound is my constant companion.

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My main speaking topics:

From 29-year old shoplifter to the main stage

Late-blooming success

Your gut feeling is rotten

An experienced speaker

“Ann led the conversation, skillfully engaging the audience into discussion.  Ann is nice, intelligent and funny. I recommend her and trust her for  important speaking or facilitation roles.” Max Angelov, gif London


“Ann is a compelling storyteller and a clear communicator. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Clare Salisbury, BBC Radio 4

A thoughtful interviewer

“My interview with Ann Storr was a standout experience. She was exceptionally well-prepared, showcasing a researched understanding of the topics discussed. Ann's questions were both informative and original, reflecting her thorough research. Ann's approachability made her an ideal interviewer, one who leaves a long-lasting positive impression.”

Carlota Rodben, author and innovation specialist


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