Some of my work

Saas and entrepreneurs. Psych and learning. Market research and construction, friendship and food. In the end, the category that runs through my amazing clients is driving change and being brave.

Here are a few of my projects.

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The Mix

The Mix were ready to take their next steps: but how does a disruptor mature without losing their edge?

To help The Mix blend intimacies, emotions and hard-won truths with UX and copy, Fables delivered:

🗺 Brand Story

🗺 Voice

🖋 Copy


Alva Labs

Alva needed to take their place on the stage. They needed an assertive, confident, joyful voice to take their place at Sifted and London Tech Week.

To help Alva Labs own their space, Fables delivered:

🗺 Thought Leadership

🗺 Tone of voice

👓 Content

Sana needed rich stories and to connect with their audience and drive growth.

To help Sana reach ambitious growth targets, Fables delivered:

👓 Rich content 

🖋 Social media


Mission Lit

Balancing purpose and playfulness allowed x+why to create a bold piece of brand positioning in Mission Lit.

To bring this brand asset — this book — to life, Fables delivered:

🖋 Creative editorial

🖋 Writing

🗺 Tone of voice 


Getting confident about purpose starts with listening to your audience. 

Our tone of voice worked helped x+why redisover their confidence and a new positioning in their category.

🗺 Tone of voice

🗺 Positioning

🗺 Workshops



If you want to sound like people, listen to people. 

To help Gofrendly rediscover their voice and bring it to the UK press, Fables delivered:

🗺 Brand strategy

🗺 Tone of voice

🖋 Copy


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