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The brief


The friction

Tash Walker founded The Mix to challenge market research norms: baggy research briefs , bad attitudes about participants and rarely driving commerical results.

In their ten years of business, The Mix has grown to a partner-owned business of 30. With global clients, beautiful premises in Bermondsey and the first New York office opening, the Mix needed to blend their talent, results and unusual point of view.

How could copy embody their new maturity, leave arguments behind and step into a leading their industry - but not fade into the middle?


People are fascinating

I discovered resonant words: Texture. Friction. People.

However, with no brand story and no Tone of Voice, capturing the poetic, playful and characterful spirit of The Mix wasn't likely to happen.


Real personality

I drafted a story to present to the board. One that speaks to the ambition and hopes of their customers, that captured the voices of the board, the team and their customers.

A nuanced, tonal story that delivered texture, friction and the voices of the people who share their stories that drive the insights of The Mix.

Intimacies, emotions,

and hard-won truths


One story, full creds


The voice I captured was rolled out over all internal and client-facing docs, representing their mission to a global audience for a very modest investment in copy.

The Mix commissioned an update their case studies and further content materials.

The review

"Ann’s approach was both reassuring and really exciting. Handing over your thoughts to someone else isn’t easy, but she had a terrific manner, she really listened and sought out knowledge about us so she understood completely what we were after.

It didn’t feel like just another job working with Ann, she pushed us as much as we pushed her to deliver creative excellence and she never made it feel like anything other than important and meaningful.

The work she produced absolutely understood our brief. The result has been copy we are in love with. 

The first time we listened to her take on us, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end."

Tash Walker, CEO & Founder
The Mix


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