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The brief

x+why are leaders in the purpose-driven co-work space.

Delivering an impactful project meant looking beyond the tone of voice.

To their people, their purpose. Their positioning.


The friction


The young team were struggling with the demands of their busy audience.

And, the London co-work space is crowded. It's tough. x+why know that: they've mentored many up-and-coming coworks, to make the world a better place.

Time to listen

Workshopping with the team, interviewing customers and surveying their audience, x+why supported a deep-dive into an exploration of their voice.

I learned that the needed to go further and revel in their purpose and their mission. To get comfortable shouting it from the rooftops.


Here's one I made earlier


x+why had invested in a bold brand asset: Mission Lit. I know, because together with Creative Director Ben Jeffries, I creative edited this bold brave project.

Mission Lit is the evocation of x+why's purpose: to do better business. 


Mission Lit for good.

The Mission Lit voice now guides x+why's world. Across London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, Mission Lit broadcasts x+why's mission.

It's playful, confident and utterly unique in the category space.


The reviews

"Ann is an extension of your team. She is a fantastic listener, asks thought-provoking questions.

Ann has a genuine passion for getting to the right solution for your business.

Her tone of voice work for us fed into other brand projects including our brand values, and the wider team loved how involved they were in the process."

Jem McQueen, CMO



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