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The brief

Alva Labs needed to get out of Stockholm and to the world stage. 

A complex message about psychology, AI and psychometrics was lost in terse and unpersonal academic American English.

They needed help to find their story, have some fun and take their place so they can change the world of recruitment.

The friction

Alva Labs shares a commitment to hard science. To science's love of triple checking. But, they also love the pace of  start-up life. What was going to change?

Sharing stories

Working with a brand strategist, we found the truth at the heart of Alva: finding the real potential of people, beyond the social capital of CVs.

It was time to share: it was time to  launch Alva's content marketing strategy. My goal was to increase the team's confidence in sharing their voice.

Beautiful people

Coaching leaders and team members, I co-created blogs, story-driven case studies, academic reports, e-books, keynptes, speeches, cartoons, ad copy and product videos. 


Key content results


increase in read time


increase in monthly readership


increase in content entrances

Something was missing.

Our content machine was working, but we weren't reaching out. We weren't putting ourselves out there. We needed a face. A name. A warm, open personality.

And then I thought about one of my favourite Alva-people, a person I walked and talked with — well, I sat at my desk as she strode around the streets of Stockholm...

Linnea Bywall,

your HR coach! 🏃

Monthly creative sessions began as a deep-dive in understanding the needs of HR leaders - how to save time, secure more budget and increase diversity.

Our sessions developed into an intimate back and forth. This increasing confidence and ability to articulate and research ideas allowed Linnea to go deeper.

Linnea loves coaching...

Today, Linnea is penning op-eds in Start-Ups magazine and Sifted, receiving noteable mentions as a woman to watch in TechTound and AIHR. She's writing blogs, joining panels and owning her expertise. There's no stopping Linnea Bywall.


The reviews

"Together Ann and I have written newsletters, blog posts and plenty more. By writing drafts that capture my tone of voice, and backing everything up with solid sources and fact checks, she makes content creation both easy and fun.

Ann never stops to amaze me on coming with great examples for content, asking the right questions, being super open to feedback and discussion and really pouring her heart and soul into the process.

Everyone that gets a chance to work with her should consider themselves lucky. You will have a blast, while getting your message across!

Ann’s work has enabled me to become a thought leader, and I’m loving it!"

Linnea Bywall, Lead, People & Operations

Alva Labs


"It’s not always you get to work with individuals who look beyond the job description and take responsibility for the wider business outcomes - especially not when hiring freelancers.

Ann, however, did just that - always putting the business needs first and helping us in the best way possible."

Gustav Wallberg, Marketing Lead
Alva Labs

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