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The brief

Founded by real-life best friends Claudia Gård and Ulrika Lilja, Gofrendly had already converted 80% of Stockholm’s women into monthly active users.

But their tone of voice wasn’t going to work in the UK. With 8 weeks to go until launch, they needed help, and they needed it quickly.

The friction

More than a UK tone of voice, the brand needed a pause. A recalibration.

It needed simple strategy.

Sharing stories

We asked the team to take a deep breath and step back. We listened to co-founders Claudia and Ulrika tell their own story in their own words. We heard their knowledge and expertise. We heard their word

Rediscovering the centre


We took took Ulrika and Claudia’s words and developed a series of positional statements. We located the true problem they’re solving. We helped them rediscover their purpose.

The result?

Ulrika and Claudia, beaming.

Two founders saying “Yes, that’s us”.

Writing the copy

We took the simplicity of their story and built a set of documents which helped the rest of the business feel the same, guidance to help everyone hear, see and write as the brand which was right under our noses all the time.

And, all at the same time, we wrote their new site, app and onboarding emails. Building the tone of voice as we wrote the copy. Bringing joy, courage and happiness to every line.


Gofrendly in the media

Within weeks of sign-off, Claudia and Ulrika were using the brand language in the UK press, in Dublin Tech week and across funding rounds.


The credits

For most projects, Fables is me, Ann Storr. When I need expert help, when I'm too busy, I bring in other experts. Here's the brilliant team who brought Gofrendly to life.

🎤️ Voice, Personality, CRM: Ann Storr (that's me)

🗺 Strategy, Brand book: Matthew Knight

🖋 Copy: Natalie Thomas

⚖️ DEI: Ettie Bailey-King

The reviews

"We've gone through this process a few times before, but

this is the first time we have words we can actually use, that we're proud of and we can say - 'this is us'.

We are so happy and you did such a great job." 

Claudia Gård, CFO and co-founder



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