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The brief

Sana was prepping for Series B. They needed a storyteller who knew the HR space.

More than that: Sana needed a writer who understands their customer’s problems. And interview them, to learn their stories. To craft nuanced stories that would deliver ARR and growth.

The friction

SEO-packed blogs weren't the right fit for Sana's brand. To deliver compelling and effective B2B SaaS communications to bring warmth, humanity and sell the benefits of a product to their Ideal Customers.

Writing stories

So we went deeper. Interviews with the team, learning people's drivers, understanding how and why learning and progress drives each Sanian to deliver.

One ad gets results

Seriously, do you ever share an ad? Love something so much you ping it to a friend?  When the content works, it works.


profile views from one piece




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And it lowered the cost of meeting acquisition by...


The review

"Ann was more than a freelance writer to us; she was part of our team.

Collaborative, supportive, and flexible, Ann adapts to the changes of a fast-paced scaleup and communicates brilliantly.

She helped us create the fuel for our demand generation engine from the ground up.

Thanks to her customer and brand-led approach, Ann embraced the Sana tone of voice while consistently writing with empathy and nuance —whatever the context."

Lauren Crichton, Marketing Director

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