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The brief

x+why want to do more than connect businesses: they want to change the way business works - for good. 


The friction

Researcher, consultant and writer Richard Johnson had written it: Mission Lit. 

Packed full of ideas, interviews and thoughts, it had potential to deliver unique and bold brand positioning. 

Uncovering the core ideas, increasing the accessibility and creating opportunities, Mission Lit offered x+why enormous potential to extend their brand and prove their hypothesis: doing good is good for business.


Matching ambition


Co-creating the visual brand with you&us creative, we dug into 1968 Paris, powerful leaders and the best of self-help. Our vision was calmly confident, assertive and playful.

Simplicity, accuracy, actionability 

Creating the space for Richard's ideas to shine, time to articulate himself and a process to fact-check every assertion,  we created an process that allowed Richard's takeaways to land.


Big ideas, simple words.


Oatley x Blackstone. 

Product Planet Market Fit.

Monzo and crowdfunding.

We took big ideas, found the simplicity, made them actionable.

Mission lit up.

Mission Lit workshops now provide added value to x+why. Author Richard Johnson is giving Mission Lit workshops across the country, inspiring change and action.

And, when x+why needed a new tone of voice, they came to Fables, and we knew just how to help (check out the x+why project 👀)


The review

Ann was the savior of Mission Lit - without her, the book wouldn't exist.

We decided to work with Ann to edit Mission Lit because she understood the potential of the project to act as a bold, dynamic piece of brand positioning. From the outset, Ann proved herself to be intelligent, fun and disciplined.

Ann’s a talented inter disciplinarian, bringing the best of her wide experience to help our project to succeed.

Phil Nevin, co-founder and COO,



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